Friday, May 13, 2011

Survey Sub-Panel and Genuine Opinions- Revealing the Facts

A Speak Asian can have at most 9 Sub-Panels parallel or horizontally to his/her SAO User ID. A Survey Sub-Panel costs the Subscription Charge which is equal to that of a Premium Subscription or Account.

Surveys which are issued and made available for each Survey Sub-Panel are not identical to those which are issued to a Premium account. An example will suffice to make it clear to you.

Suppose Mr. X has 1 Premium Subscription and 9 Sub-Panels then Mr. X will have 2 * 10 = 20 different surveys (weekly).

It is a misconception among Speak Asians or those who are not yet ones, that the same person gives opinions for the same survey by having 10 Premium Subscriptions. Thus, credibility of the opinions given become questionable.

However, the fact is that Speak Asians get different surveys for each Sub-Panel they have and that way their opinions remain valuable and genuine.

Hope you will find this knowledge base helpful.


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