Friday, May 13, 2011

Speak Asia Online Dot Com - Reality and Rumour

Speak Asia Online or is a survey company which is widely gaining popularity in the Indian regions. However, there is wide spread confusion among its panelists as STAR News channel is out to undermine its success.

All the Speak Asians are day and night praying that the apex company, which is supposed to be, based in Singapore comes out to speak to the masses and clear their doubts and answer their questions - a condition which has become extremely crucial for the further progress of the company in the country as the prospective panelists are keeping themselves back from becoming part of this Speak Asia family.

It is not yet clear what legal or corrective and positive actions the company has taken or is going to take in the near hours.

An SMS from "BL-SPEAK IN" was broadcast early morning on the 13th of May, 2011 announcing that the company took a legal action after what STAR News had shown the world. However, the official website of the company has posted an update that it sends SMS from "TD-SpkAsia" only.

Much remains in the womb of the future to reveal in the next coming days or months for the Speak Asians to see and learn.

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