Saturday, May 21, 2011

Speak Asia is Not Paying Anymore - Rumour Falsified

Speak Asians,

Recently we have all been hearing and seeing many sorts of humours and unfavourable news as spread or broadcast by a certain group of media about Speak Asia. One of such rumours is:

Speak Asia is not paying anymore

The main problem is we do not care enough to go through the official website and its TAT (Turn Around Time) for different requests or services that we place.

Here is an excerpt from the official website:

Send Cash Request.. Account at Speakasia Online
Bank Transfer We pay through direct bank transfer to your account. You can make a cash request and within 7 working days the amount gets credited to your bank account. Amounts are credited in your local currency by the bank. A bank transfer charge at the rate of 3% is applied subject to a minimum of USD7.5  
Singapore Cheque We will send you a cheque from our Singapore bank to your home address registered with us. The cheque will be dispatched within 7 working days. A fixed deduction of USD2.5 towards courier charges will apply. International cheque clearance can take anything between 1 to 4 weeks depending upon efficiency of your bank. 

When you make a Cash Request, please mind that it takes 7 Working Days before you can actually get the fund credited to your bank account. Often you would find that such a transaction takes place in less than the aforesaid days.

Speak Asians or Speak Asia's Panelists need to pay attention to the requirement that when you make a cash request, you are also required to enter an Authentication code which is sent to your registered email address and mobile number.

Go to Accounts -> Manage Cash Request -> Cash Requests Authentication and then Enter Authentication Code for each cash request you have made.

If you forget the above step when you make a cash request, then you will wait forever for the fund to be credited to your bank account and then will be likely to join the queue of those people who say Speak Asia is not paying or making unnecessary delay in paying out.

Speak Asians, be responsible Panelists and increase your awareness of the business model!


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